The Willow Elementary PTA understands that you, the parents and community members, want to stay in the know as it relates to your children. The point of creating this website was to provide a one-stop-shop forum for all PTA communications. This site will be used to communicate all PTA news, meeting minutes, parent education materials, directory and much more.
If there is anything we can do to help streamline or improve the communication, please do not hesitate to contact us.

PTA Newsletter

Every month during the school year, the Willow PTA Communications Chair sends out a newsletter to all families. Newsletters are the primary source for information about PTA-related events, volunteer opportunities and other important news. During the pandemic, the newsletter may also serve as the general meeting update.

PTA Meetings

PTA Meeting

*Note: due to the global pandemic, all in-person meetings are indefinitely suspended until further notice and the monthly PTA Newsletter will serve as the official PTA meeting

Meeting Minutes & Materials
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