NOV PTA Meeting & Core Values Exercise


Our November 2015 PTA meeting will be a chance for parents to provide input into High Tech Elementary School’s Core Values. For some time now, our principal Dr. Amy Gile has been working with the different groups that make up our school community to gather their input, including our teachers, parents and some of our older students. A small group of parents provided input during an October parent coffee meeting. Building on their work we are dedicating our November 18 meeting to this exercise (6:30-8PM in the cafeteria, child care provided for ages 3+).

Bill de la Cruz, Director of DPS’s office of Culture and Equity Leadership will take us through the Core Values exercise in order to help parents develop several statements that can then be combined with the other groups’ input. Once all groups have representative statements, they will be combined and narrowed down.

This is a great chance for parents to help shape our school and have their voices heard. Our group will use the school’s Mission and Vision (as outlined in our Innovation Plan, approved December 2014; included below) as a starting point for developing our Core Values.

Please join us Wednesday, November 18 from 6:30PM-8PM in the cafeteria for this important meeting. Child care will be provided for child ages 3+.


High Tech Elementary School’s (HTES) mission is to successfully blend a project-based learning environment, a rigorous 21st century curriculum, and a high standard of excellence for its students. We are committed to providing an environment that emphasizes learning as an interactive process, focusing on the individual needs of our students to ensure that all students succeed. We strive to develop critical thinkers who are caring, confident and lifelong learners in a diverse community.


HTES is deep-seated in technology-enhanced, personalized project-based learning. All students are immersed in the learning process through exploration, discussion, and reflection. Together the students, think, work, and create something that demonstrates their new understanding. Students develop qualities and attributes throughout their daily work, such as integrity, character, equity and accountability. We foster in our students a joy and passion for learning. The curriculum is rigorous, yet developmentally appropriate, providing the foundation for success. Students build upon what they have learned in preparation for the next grade.

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