Direct Giving: Hallowine & Cheese

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What costume will you wear to this year’s Hallowine & Cheese Direct Giving party on Saturday, October 24 at 6:30PM? Will you dress up and coordinate with your spouse, partner or date? Or, will you dig out your go-to costume that is a hit each year? Sure, costumes aren’t “required,” but they sure are a lot of fun! Plus, the kids will be excited to see their parents showing off their Halloween spirit.

All parents and staff/teachers are invited (adults only). This will be our last Direct Giving party of the year, so let’s wrap up High Tech’s fall giving season in a BIG way.

View photos from our event>>

Hallowine & Cheese | Saturday, OCT 24 @ 6:30PM
Costumes optional, but highly encouraged!
Sponsored by the Blauser, Brask, Ensor, Manns, Masten and Stabio families.

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