Technology-Enhanced Academic Foundation

Willow Elementary School (WES) uses an inquiry-based model of learning built upon a strong, technology-enhanced academic foundation in the essential skills students need to be critical thinkers in the 21st century.

Students participate in technology-enhanced, personalized project-based learning. We believe that in order to close the achievement gap, WES will maximize instructional time by providing all students with an extended block of time in each of the core content areas of reading, writing, and mathematics.

The WES leadership team has chosen curricula focused on student needs and aligned to the Common Core Standards. In addition, these curricula have been systematically and strategically scope-and-sequenced to ensure that there exists a finely-tuned skill development articulated across the grade-levels.

These curricula are designed with technology-based formative and summative data systems to guide teacher pacing and rigor. Assessments will ensure ongoing, data-driven instructional shifts that will closely align the teaching-learning cycle.

Information sourced from High Tech Elementary School Innovation Plan 2014

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