Now our teachers have eyes in the back of their heads.

The High Tech PTA is proud to have purchased LanSchool to help our teachers monitor and control our students’ technology usage.

Managing a class of over 30 students is no easy task. Add 30 computers and the challenge grows even more daunting. It’s nearly impossible to monitor every student and make sure they are all on task.

Fortunately, LanSchool understood the problem and developed software that helps Mr. Smoot and the other High Tech Elementary Schools teachers monitor and control student computer use even when they have their backs turned.

LanSchool software went live February 10, 2015 in the High Tech computer classroom and will quickly expand to cover all technology throughout the school.

Reduces Student Distractions

Teachers can reduce student distractions by Blanking Screens, Limiting Applications and Limiting Web Browsing on student computers. This helps direct student attention from their computer to the teacher and keeps students on task.

Monitors Students

Ideal for monitoring student activity within a classroom setting, the Thumbnail feature allows you to view all screens as well as see the current application and website that the students are running. Teachers can send messages to all or individual students.

Assesses Student Understanding

Students can be quickly polled during a lecture with true/false or multiple choice questions.

Helps Individual Students

Students can silently Request Help from the teacher. A small question mark appears on the thumbnail with the student question, which indicates they need help.

Provides Remote Control Student

The Remote Control Student feature in LanSchool software allows teachers to be mobile in the classroom while still having access to remotely use the mouse and keyboard on a selected student’s machine.

Enables Remote Control Teacher

Remote Control Teacher allows teachers to use all the features of the LanSchool Teacher Console while moving about the classroom.

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