High Tech Awarded Innovation School Status

The Innovation Schools Act, passed in 2008, provides a pathway for schools and districts to develop innovative practices, better meet the needs of individual students and allow more autonomy to make decisions at the school-level. The stated purpose of the Act is to provide additional flexibility to schools and districts for the purpose of meeting student needs and it is the intent of the Colorado Department of Education to interpret the provisions of the Act broadly so as to maximize this flexibility.

High Tech has been awarded Innovation School status.

The Act allows public schools, such as High Tech Elementary School, to submit innovation plans to Denver Public Schools (DPS) that are designed to increase student outcomes and strategically align the school’s resources with their approach to teaching and learning. Once approved, DPS submits the innovation plans and waiver requests to the Colorado State Board of Education for approval. For more information click here.

After a very lengthy application process to DPS, the results came back… High Tech Elementary School has been awarded Innovation School status by the Colorado State Board of Education. Join us in congratulating Dr. Amy Gile and her school staff in this incredible achievement.

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